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Why do SUP’s have air vents?
Nearly all modern stand up paddle boards have an air vent installed on the deck. Air vents are used as a way to help prevent de-lamination of the epoxy resin from the EPS foam blank. When de-lamination occurs, it creates huge air bubbles underneath the shell. This causes the shell to become brittle and can crack when stepped on. De-lamination happens when pressure builds up inside the board. Primarily, the pressure build up is caused by two things: heat and altitude changes.
Straight or coiled leash?
Choosing the correct leash for you will depend on the style of paddling you do. In the surf you will want to keep the board away from to prevent injury if you fall off. At Hatha we recommend a leash as long as the board your paddling. For racing you may require a coiled leash so that the lead is kept out of the water preventing drag and also to keep the board close saving on valuable race time. A coiled leash is also very good for flat water paddling as it prevents the risk of it getting snagged on objects.
Is there a guide to help on which board I should buy?
Most Flat water SUP boards are designed to be very stable in a flat water environment and are usually between 30-34 " inches wide , 10ft+ in length and have plenty of volume. Touring or racing sups are usually longer about 12+ but are quite narrow making them faster but less stable. SUP’s that are designed more for surfing are usually shorter than flat water SUP boards, they have a sharper nose and a smaller tail. These SUP’s look more like large surfboards. Volume has a key role to play in choosing the type of paddling you aspire to do, the greater the volume of a board the easier and more comfortable it will be to stand on. As a general rule the more advanced you get in paddle boarding the shorter the board you will require. Always check out the maximum weight capacity when buying a board. We are happy for you to visit our showroom to see our full range of products. Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 20.57.34
Should I buy a “fixed length” paddle or an “adjustable length” paddle?
You should consider a couple of factors when deciding on a fixed or adjustable paddle. The fixed length paddle is best for when the paddle will only be used by one person and you have decided on your optimum length paddle. Adjustable paddles are best when multiple people of varying heights will be using the paddle and it’s a great way to find what size paddle is best for you. See “Paddle Sizing and Use” for further details.
The 3-Fin or 2-Fin Setup
Though first designed for surfing on a SUP, the 3-fin setup is also good for tracking on flat water. If you want to try the 3-fin setup, this is called “a thruster.” Normally, this type of fin setup features a 6-8 inch long center fin flanked by two smaller side fins. You can convert the thruster setup to a 2-fin setup just by removing the center fin. This leaves you with the two side fins, or “side bites.” This setup also works for surfing and tracking on flat water.
What do the fins do?
Large Single Fin Set Up A large single fin option will reduce any side to side instability and will help to keep the board gliding in a straight line. These large fins are between 8-10 inches in size. To get this result, position the fin to the rear (tail) of the board. This type of fin is secured to the board by placing in a fin box and then securing it with a nut and screw. The good thing about the fin box is that it has a channel so the fin and be easily slid back and forth. With the tail positioning mentioned above, you are all set for touring, racing or flat water paddling because the fin position makes the board track better. For something different, slide that fin forward and position it at the nose of the board. This makes the board easier to turn, which is perfect for choppy conditions and surfing.
Can I return the board?
Please note: Before placing your order with us please ensure that you are purchasing the correct board and size for your intended use and storage. We can not accept any returns on products on the basis that you have made the wrong decision, choice or you have just changed your mind. All of our boards are made to a very high standard and are inspected for quality control. Returns will only be accepted if the board suffers a manufacturing defect that arises once used. This will need to be raised with our team at the earliest opportunity and evidence of the fault/issue may be required such as photos etc. If a manufacturing fault has been discovered, the buyer will be responsible for wrapping and packaging the board so it can be returned. The buyer will be responsible for any damage caused on the return journey. Please see our “Hatha Shipping” guidelines for boards damaged in transit.
Can I come and look at the board before buying it?
Yes. We are based in Tavistock, Devon. Give us a ring or drop us an email if you would like to look at any of our products before making a purchase.
What are the pick up and delivery options?
Collection from our storage facility in Tavistock, Devon (near the A30) is our preferred option. We have a courier in place who will usually deliver the boards to you within 48 hours to most UK locations for £39.99 (Scotland, Ireland and some other parts may cost more so please let us know your postcode prior to your purchase).