There are a few simple guidelines on looking after your board. Do not store your board in direct sunlight like in a vehicle unless you use an approved reflective padded bag. Always wash off your board after use with fresh water, especially after using in salt water. Always store in a dry and shaded area which will not get direct sunlight or frost as this will effect the integrity of the board. The fins should be occasionally removed and washed out with fresh water.

Always ensure that your leash is fitted and is working correctly. Make sure that the vent plug is screwed in, in a clockwise direction but never over tighten it and never use a tool to tighten it. Make sure your fins are tight and in the correct position before entering the water. Always walk your board out into the water so your fin never hits the bottom, allow for weight lowering the board in the water. Never beach the board when coming into shore, always walk it in and remember that the fin is always deeper in the water than the board. When on the shore turn the board over with the fins pointing upwards.