Welcome to Hatha

Hatha Paddle Boards is an emerging design and innovation leader in all disciplines of Stand Up Paddle Boarding. Our vision is to offer an affordable, high quality line of stand up paddle boards designed to meet the widest range of use in today’s most popular paddleboard disciplines. Whether it’s out in the surf, coastal touring or just cruising down a river, we have a paddle board to suit your needs.

Board Features


  • Built super tough with multiple layers of PVC-coated material securing the stainless steel D-ring.
  • This material is then welded to a PVC patch to create a seamless unit.
  • Large patch is 9.75" in diameter, with a 2" D-ring. Medium is 4.5" in diameter, 1" D-ring. Small is 2.25" on a side, 1" D-ring.

Deck Pad

  • Constructed from light weight, dual density diamond grooved EVA foam for comfort and grip.
  • With our experience in making surfboard traction we have designed our SUP pad to be light weight and comfortable.
  • Reduces weight and keeps you feeling more connected to your board than other traction it also helps keep the weight down

Bungee Cords

  • Adjustable bungee straps allow quick and easy storage of extra gear.
  • Heavy duty bungee cord used to withstand serious punishment.
  • High flex cord makes it easy to store compact and large amounts of equipment.

Grab Handle

  • Reinforced heavy duty grab handles makes transporting the board easy a secure.
  • Located at the front, rear and middle of the board so its easy to grab from anywhere.
  • All grab handles are padded to allow the whole weight of the board to be supported with comfort.