There are a variety of paddles that are used for different disciplines of paddle boarding. As a guide we recommend 8-10 inches above the paddler’s height. If you stand with no shoes on, with an arm raised the paddle grip should sit on your palm. Adjustable paddles are available if the board is going to be used by more than one user. Paddles should always be washed off with fresh water after use. They should be stored upright if possible, never stored under tension, in direct sunlight or left out to the elements. A paddle is designed for the water so never use to push off from rocks the sea bed or similar as this may cause damage.

Most Flat water SUP boards are designed to be very stable in a flat water environment and are usually between 30-34 ” inches wide , 10ft+ in length and have plenty of volume. Touring or racing sups are usually longer about 12+ but are quite narrow making them faster but less stable. SUP’s that are designed more for surfing are usually shorter than flat water SUP boards, they have a sharper nose and a smaller tail. These SUP’s look more like large surfboards.
Volume has a key role to play in choosing the type of paddling you aspire to do, the greater the volume of a board the easier and more comfortable it will be to stand on. As a general rule the more advanced you get in paddle boarding the shorter the board you will require. Always check out the maximum weight capacity when buying a board. We are happy for you to visit our showroom to see our full range of products.

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