Name The Crane
Perfect for Touring, fitness and fishing.
Features Extra comfort handle, 10mm deck pad and one way metal air vent and bungee straps.
Dimensions 10’6 x 30” x 4 ½”, 165 litres (approx)
Volume 142.6 L for 10’6 and 192.9 L for the 12ft
Weight 13-14 kg (10’6 and the 12ft)
Max Rider weight 108 kg for the 10’6 and 158kg for the 12ft.
Fins 2 + 1 Thruster
Stringer Laminate Stringer
Specification Displacement hull at the front leading into a double concave hull at the rear. 150mm rock of nose and 100mm rock of tail on the 10’6 and 160mm rock of nose and 120mm rock of tail on the 12ft version.
Construction 20 KGS core, wood stringer, 2 layers of 6oz epoxy on the top and 2 layers of 6oz epoxy on the bottom.
Price £599
10 ft 6
12 ft

The Crane is the ultimate hybrid stand up paddle board. The CRANE is two boards merged together to form a super SUP. The rear of the board has been taken from a recreational surf style hull as it nears the stern it fuses into a displacement touring style hull with a “V” nose entry. The board paddles effortlessly through the water while maintaining excellent stability. The Hull minimises any chop or swell and also allows sufficient tracking. The board can be easily turned through weight displacement to the stern of the board.

The Crane has the usual key features you would expect from a Hatha Paddle Board, Including the EVA deck which boasts superior comfort and enhanced grip. The pad has channels running throughout to allow excess water to be dispersed with ease. It has bungee cords on the front and back, perfect for stashing a drinks bottle or fishing equipment. The entire deck is covered with a unique grey wood grain veneer not only does it look stunning but it also gives the board more strength.

The Crane is the revolution in stand up paddle boarding. Stand above the rest – choose a Hatha Paddle Board.