Name The Plank
Perfect for Performance, Recreation and Small Surf
Features Extra comfort handle, 10mm deck pad and one way metal air vent.
Dimensions 10’6 x 30” x 4 ½”
Volume 149.4L
Weight 10kg
Max Rider weight 158kg
Fins 2 + 1 Thruster
Stringer Wood stringer
Specification Rock of nose 152mm, rock of tail 100mm, single concave nose with a double concave tail.
Construction 20 KGS core, 2 layers of 6oz epoxy and a layer of wood eon the top, 2 layers of 6oz epoxy on the bottom.
Price £599

The Hatha “Plank” is styled on the classic long board shape with a stylish wood grain effect to give that traditional look. It has a pronounced rocker and a squash tail for cruising on flat water. It has the capability to take on midsize waves when the mood suits. This is the ultimate all-round board for wave riding or cruising.