Here at HATHA we use the highest military grade, 850 gram 1000 denier PVC, our boards are designed to be used and are built to last. All boards are double walled giving the perfect combination of strength, weight and also stiffness. This PVC is infused using the latest drop stitch technology. This process not only makes our boards extremely stiff they are also incredibly durable.

All boards have been pressure tested to 26 PSI and work well at their optimum pressure of between 15-18 PSI. They have been independently tested in a professional ISUP deflection test and only dropped 16mm when inflated to 15 PSI, which is an outstanding result for any ISUP.


  • Built super tough with multiple layers of PVC-coated material securing the stainless steel D-ring.
  • This material is then welded to a PVC patch to create a seamless unit.
  • Large patch is 9.75" in diameter, with a 2" D-ring. Medium is 4.5" in diameter, 1" D-ring. Small is 2.25" on a side, 1" D-ring.

Deck Pad

  • Constructed from light weight, dual density diamond grooved EVA foam for comfort and grip.
  • With our experience in making surfboard traction we have designed our SUP pad to be light weight and comfortable.
  • Reduces weight and keeps you feeling more connected to your board than other traction it also helps keep the weight down

Bungee Cords

  • Adjustable bungee straps allow quick and easy storage of extra gear.
  • Heavy duty bungee cord used to withstand serious punishment.
  • High flex cord makes it easy to store compact and large amounts of equipment.

Grab Handle

  • Reinforced heavy duty grab handles makes transporting the board easy a secure.
  • Located at the front, rear and middle of the board so its easy to grab from anywhere.
  • All grab handles are padded to allow the whole weight of the board to be supported with comfort.