Bravo SUPer Pump
Award winning SUP pump

2 Year Warranty

The Bravo Super paddle board pump by Bravo has been rated as one of the fastest and best SUP pumps on the market. It was recently reviewed by SUP Boarder magazine who rated it as fast, light and slim, making an easy inflation without raising the heart rate as much as its competitors. It also has a neat feature where the hose is attached to the body of the pump rather than the handle! This is the test result from Sup Boarder Magazine – The Bravo SUPer Inflated a 135L iSUP board to 15 PSI in 2.10 seconds with a max heart rate of 127.

Additional information


55 x 22 x 8 CM


11ft /335 CM


29 PSI


1.15 KG/ 1150G

Hard Facts

Rapid inflate and deflate option

Single/Double switch option

Comfortable oval hand grip

Hose attaches directly onto the main body

Adjustable T-handle for easy storage

Easy read pressure dial

Light weight design

Maximum pressure of 29 PSI


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