Established in 2013, by Dan Sulsh, whom has over 20 years of experience in surfing and river kayaking, has merged his skills and knowledge into the stand up paddle boards we know today. The SUP boards on the market at this time were based on large surfboards or modified windsurf boards. He had the initiative and knowledge to make paddle boards not only look better but perform to the highest standards. He took the basic design and developed them to unite the board with the user, maximising performance and efficiency. Whether it is the unique hull design on the Crane or the layered bamboo veneer on the Eagle, the same level of craftsmanship oozes from every board in their range. Hatha Paddle Boards strive to use the latest technologies, their commitment on improving board design makes them true innovation leaders. His vision was not just to make high quality paddle boards but he also wanted them to be affordable for everyone to enjoy.

The meaning behind the logo

The name Hatha derives from the practice hatha yoga, which means “wilful or forceful”, it is also known as the yoga of activity, the sun” (ha) and “moon” (tha).

All of the stand up paddle boards have names that relate to yoga poses, cobra, plank and even the warrior. The Hatha logo has a variety of meanings on first look it is a water drop or even an inverted SUP paddle blade.

The deeper meaning is that it resembles the yoga posture “raised namaste”. The water droplet being the person’s head, with shoulders and arms stretching above, with hands together. Stand up paddle boarding is a core strength practice/sport just like yoga, so the basic principles apply to them both. Not only is it about using the correct form and posture but it is also about channeling inner strength.

Hatha Paddle Boards are continually evolving their products and ideas. They not only have the first hybrid paddle board in the UK, the mighty “Crane” but they also have the “Warrior” a hybrid board that has merged a wing tailed surfboard with a general purpose cruiser. Please continue to follow Hatha Paddle Boards through their continual journey and help us to carve the future in stand up paddle boarding.

HATHA is not just a brand it is a lifestyle.