Board Features

FCS II Connect Longboard Fin Glass Flex 10 Inch

This fin offers a refined dolphin template which is neutral and balanced. This gives you a versatile, high performance fin for all conditions. The upright template gives you a good combination of speed, drive and response for modern longboarding. Use the smaller sizes for 2+1 setups, or the 9 and 10 inch fins for single fin surfing.

FCS US Box Touring SUP 9 Inch Fin

This fin is ideal for flat water exploration on lakes and inland waterways, yet it will also perform well in small surf conditions. Streamlined design offers quick manoeuvrability and turning, and the seamless leading edge shed weeds quickly.

  • Compatible with most US fin boxes.
  • Comes with brass tool-less thumb screw and plate. Brass fin pin ensures the fin stays attached!
  • Weight 0.63 kg
  • Depth: 9 inches
  • Material: Glass Flex

The Cario System – easy carry strap

New for 2019 is our patented Cario System! Featured on all of our premium thermo fusion technology constructed boards. It allows the board to be carried via the shoulder rather than by one hand on the centre handle. The centre handle will still be there, this is simply another option. There are either two or four reinforced marine graded D-rings attached to the board (depends which board). This system allows the board weight to be easily distributed over the shoulder rather than the wrist, making carrying the board easier and can be carried for longer! Freeing your hands to carry your paddle, bag or what ever else you may be taking to the water! It is fully adjustable, super strong and features a neoprene non-slip material to keep the pad firmly in position. The Cario System….. making life that bit easier!

10ft Premium Coiled Leash

Our 10 ft premium coiled leash is included with all our iSUP’s. It is the perfect leash for flat water paddling. The 7mm cord is constructed from high grade urethane makes this an extremely strong and durable leash. This leash is packed with features to keep you safe and to maximise your paddling experience.

  • 7 mm premium grade urethane cord
  • Marine grade stainless steel double swivel joints
  • Anti twist for tangle free paddling
  • Deluxe double padded ankle strap with an anti slip neoprene pattern
  • Quick release ankle strap
  • Super strong double stitched Velcro throughout
  • Detachable rail saver and cuff
  • Secure key pocket
  • Coiled design to minimise drag and to prevent snagging