Hatha Team

Our Hatha Team and History


Back in 2013 Dan Sulsh the founder of Hatha Boards had a vision to design and supply quality paddle boards and apparel to all disciplines of the ever growing sport. Dan whom has over 20 years of experience in surfing and river kayaking, has merged his skills and knowledge into the stand up paddle boards we know today. The SUP boards on the market at this time were based on large surfboards or modified windsurf boards. He had the initiative and knowledge to make paddle boards not only look better but perform to the highest standards. He took the basic design and developed them to unite the board with the user, maximising performance and efficiency.

Hatha Paddle Boards strive to use the latest technologies, their commitment on improving board design makes them true innovation leaders. His vision was not just to make high quality paddle boards but he also wanted them to be affordable for everyone to enjoy.

Rory Sacree
Helen Keates
Pete Coupland
Dan Wright

SASHA Chisholm