Why wear a leash?

Let’s talk SUP leashes!
Why do you need to wear a leash?

A leash could save your life! It’s the only thing that connects you to your board. If you were ever to fall into the water its surprising how far away from the board you can actually fall, especially if there is a current or slight wind. Swimming after your board in any condition isn’t fun

Here at Hatha we recommend that use coiled leashes for flat water and race, this prevents snagging and drag.  In surf conditions you should always wear a straight leash, this gives distance from you and the board, the last thing you want when being wiped out is a paddle board on the head.

We recommend a leash about the same length or a foot longer than your board. This is more important rule to follow in the surf. There a couple of different attachment points to the body, the ankle or just below the knee. Some flat water paddlers prefer the leash strap just below the knee, whilst most SUP surfers prefer an ankle attachment.

White water or moving water is slightly different. It can sometimes be more hazardous than surf. You must always be able to get to your leash quickly and remove it quickly in the event of a snag or getting trapped. Sometimes you may be under the water when you need to detach yourself from your board. We suggest using a coiled leash that is attached through a quick release belt attached to your buoyancy aid. Always check with the operating instructions of the type of buoyancy aid that you have and how to use it. It’ always a good idea to get use to using the quick release strap/belt in controlled conditions.

ALWAYS Wear a Leash, it Will Save Your Life


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