Setting up a paddle-board school or want some trade discount?

Hatha has been providing outdoor centres, schools, scout groups and hire centres with boards and equipment since 2013.  No matter how big or small, if you need some boards please get in contact with us. If you are an individual wanting our support then we may be able to help! Numbers – We are happy to quote from 1+ boards, so if you a private paddleboard coach that takes a limited number of people on the water please don’t feel that you are too small to qualify for our Trade prices, we want to get everyone the best deals possible to get you and your customers out on the water.

We regularly supply larger orders to Outdoor Pursuits centres, Lakes and reservoir trusts, land based Scout groups and also Sea Scout troops. There has been a large increase of surf schools also buying fleets of SUP’s for when the surf is flat. It’s having another option for when there isn’t a wave, keeps your customer rather than postponing or cancelling bookings.

In the past 2 years we have seen a massive increase in private instruction, there has been a boom in individuals wanted to get qualified and begin teaching paddle boarding. There are a few courses now available. The main two providers are the British Stand Up Paddle boarding Association and the Academy of Surfing. Here is some more information on the two main providers –

BSUPA Level 1 Ready to Ride

The BSUPA Level 1 “Ready to Ride” course is aimed at adults who have never stand up paddled before or people who have had a go but want to learn the basics properly.

Learning to paddleboard is a fast and fun process with a qualified BSUPA Instructor and BSUPA approved SUP school. The course structure is designed to give you the information you need to get on the water safely, have fun and learn the basic techniques of paddle boarding.

BSUPA Level 2 Ready to Tour Teaching Scheme

The Aim of this course is to introduce people to the enjoyment of touring and exploring but offer more than an experience. Having completed this course students should feel that they are ready to plan their own adventures and have new skills to improve their time on the water.

The course is ‘skill and knowledge focussed’ aiming to give students a safe way of getting more time on the water.

By the end of this course paddlers should be able to

  • Understand the different locations to paddle and their restrictions, challenges
  • Have knowledge of different touring disciplines and how to get involved
  • Be able to select the best touring equipment for themselves
  • Can demonstrate an improved efficient paddle stroke
  • Can use a variety of strokes to maintain tracking and manoeuvrability on the water.
  • Can navigate obstacles and third parties afloat taking into account, flow, weather and any other elements.
  • Have knowledge of how to plan a trip taking into account weather, flow, tide, access, 3rd parties, exit options,
  • Have understanding of personal gear you might take with you when touring. Have planned completed and experienced a tour.
The Academy of Surfing
  • Level 1 SUP Instructor (Enclosed Flat Water)

This is the entry level course for SUP instructors where you provide basic SUP lessons, short SUP paddle tours and SUP rentals in enclosed flat water locations. It covers basic instruction techniques, equipment and operations, planning and conducting SUP sessions, risk management and safely managing groups of students.

BONUS: A personal SUP Paddling Video Assessment with review is included in the workshop course, so you can assess your own paddling technique.

On successful completion of this course, instructors are eligible to enrol in the ASI Level 1 SUP Technical Coach (Enclosed Flat Water) course


Plan and conduct basic stand up paddle sessions, short SUP paddle tours and SUP rentals and manage clients safely in enclosed flat water locations.

  • Enclosed Flat Water locations are defined as:
  • inland waterways and bodies of water including creeks, rivers, lakes, lagoons, estuaries, canals
  • no wider than 1 km (0.6 miles)
  • with no swell or breaking waves
  • wind speed less than 12 knots
  • water depth no less than 3ft
  • free from hazards
  • no more than 250 metres from shore

Career Outcomes:
  • Stand Up Paddle Instructor in the SUP or outdoor recreation industry.
  • Industry job roles that require SUP knowledge (e.g. marketing, sales, retail)
Topics Covered:
  • The role of the SUP instructor
  • Identify laws and regulations that apply to conducting SUP lessons
  • Identify enclosed flat water SUP lesson/activity risks and hazards
  • Emergency processes and response
  • Logistics and how to plan enclosed flat water SUP sessions
  • Suitable boards, equipment and resources
  • Communication skills for the SUP environment
  • Methods to manage clients safely
  • Deliver basic SUP lessons and SUP activities
  • Understand correct paddling technique including the 5 phases of the paddle stroke
  • Identify correct and incorrect technique using ASI assessment competency guide
  • Use video analysis to assess your own paddling ability
  • Evaluate your own SUP sessions  
  • Minimise environmental impacts (social & natural)
Entry Requirements:
  • Before starting this course, you must:
  • Have completed a minimum of 40 hours on water paddling
  • Paddle with basic paddling technique, confidence and safety in enclosed flat water locations and demonstrate: paddle with the board in trim / change hands correctly / basic posture with back straight and eyes looking ahead / correct reach / paddle vertical at entry / feathering paddle at exit / paddle in a straight line / turn and stop effectively
  • English speaking skills equivalent to IELTS 6 (Competent user: Generally you have an effective command of the language despite some inaccuracies, inappropriate usage and misunderstandings. You can use and understand fairly complex language, particularly in familiar situations.)
So when is it best to place your order?

It all depends on when you want to start. In the UK the outdoor centres start preparing and getting their equipment ready in February in anticipation to starting lessons in March. Private hires and private tuition is usually a little later in the season. Some centres and locations are teaching all year round.

It’s best to place your order with us as early as possible, if we know what you want and in what quantities we can assure that we will have it ready and waiting to be shipped out in time.  We place our factory orders for the year in November- December time; this ensures we will have the stock with us at the warehouse at the end of February. It’s best for us if we know as early as possible. We do hold a large amount of stock but knowing in advance would eliminate running out of stock.

Costs – We don’t have a set trade price. It really does depend on quantities and which boards that you require and when you need them. More often than not the more boards you buy the better discount we can offer. Another factor that we can discuss is collaboration, so exchanging social posts working with us as a form of ambassador. Again this would be open to discussion and negotiation, we are always open to suggestions.

These are some of the groups, companies and indivduals that we have supplied in the past –


Student union groups

Beach hire

Swimming pools

University groups

Scout groups

Sea Scout Groups

Outdoor centres

Shops and retail

Private Coaches and Instructors

Individual groups such as team padding for charity or an event

Individuals padding for charity or for other reasons

Schools and students

This list is to give you a guide, if you’re not sure or would like more advice on trade prices or collaborations then please drop us an email at or call 07739564702