Ever tried YOGA? Why not try it on the water, its not as hard as it looks and its a totally difference experience.  Here at Hatha we love being at one with the environment and what better way to do it than to practice Yoga on the water.

You don’t need a yoga specific board to get started, all you need is a board and some water. Yoga is all about balance and focus, why not try it next time you go for a paddle, try standing on one leg or even lay down on your back and take a minute or two to clear you mind and concentrate on your breathing.

We suggest having a paddle around first to get use to be being on the board and then start with some basic postures like Cat-Cow Pose and Balasana (Child’s Pose) to get your balance. Once you feel more confident then move onto some standing poses like Warrior 1 (Virabhadrasana) or Tree Pose (Vrksasana).  If you feel a little wobbly try using a slightly wider stance than usual, its all about having fun so don’t worry if you cant do your usual poses straight away.

Whats the worse that can happen………. Namaste.