Taking your paddle board on an airline?

Why not take your paddle board on holiday with you, it’s easier than you think! We headed off to Norway in June 2019 and we all took our isup’s with us. We flew with Norwegian Airlines from Gatwick landing in Bergen. We booked our flights online and had a few options for our luggage. We went with having 20 kg of hold with a small day bag to take into overhead storage. This option also allowed us to each take a personal item, from a laptop, to a drone.

The Stride weighs approximately 14-15 kg in the bag. Which gave us at least 5 kg to play with. As their was four of us we took only 2 pumps, one spare paddle and 2 spare fins, just in case. The rest of the weight and room we used to take personal items and team items such as a Jetboil, food, torches etc.

We then used our sleeping bags, towels and other clothes to pack around the board to avoid any damage. We put spare trainers over the ends of the paddles just in case. It was all stuff that we had to take so why not use it wisely.

The wheeled bags that come as standard with the Orb and Stride made it really easy to get about in the airport. These bags also have rucksack straps and waist belts but they can be easily tucked into the rear Velcro compartment to keep them out of the way of the conveyor belts.

Once at Gatwick we were asked to register and load the boards into the oversized area, which was really easy…. no queues.

All of our kit arrived there and back safely and the whole process was really easy! Norwegian Airlines were amazing!

If you do want any info on how to travel with your board or even about travelling around Norway please do send us an email or give us a call!


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