When you get it right ……. secret spots and snorkelling!

It was the start of the Summer and a big swell was due any day. The winds were Westerly and it was mid tide. Most of the main beaches had cross on shore winds, not a great strength but enough to ripple the water.  The surf had been small for weeks and there had been a good few flat days, this meant the sea beds had been untouched for some time from turbulent waters and under currents.


We parked at the top of the cliff and for the first leg of the journey we couldn’t even see the sea. It was a long walk down through the fields until we saw our first glimpse of the blue stuff. We had got it right, the cove was sheltered from the wind and there was only one local in the water for his daily swim.  The water was mirror flat and appeared almost sky blue in colour.

As we paddled out we could clearly see the bottom, it was so clear it was hard to tell how deep it was, I would guess about 30 feet.  We spent the next few hours hugging the rock face finding caves and coves to explore…. what a day and what a day to go to our secret spot. The water was still really cold to stay under the water for long but we did see some amazing fish and about four different species of jelly fish….

Where will you take yours?


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