FCS US Dolphin 8" fin

FCS US Dolphin 8" fin


US Box Dolphin Fin 8”

FCS 8″ Inch Connect Screw & Plate Long board Fin Glass Flex

This is the new release of the popular FCS Connect Glass Flex fin with a traditional bolt and plate set rather than the usual FCS II fitting. This 8″ inch model is ideal for use a single fin on long boards and SUPs.

This fin offers a refined dolphin template which is neutral and balanced. This gives you a versatile, high performance fin for all conditions. The upright template gives you a good combination of speed, drive and response for modern long boarding and paddling.

Additional information


163 mm


229 mm


33.7 degrees


Glass Flex


25748mm Sq



Hard Facts

Affordable SUP fin design for general paddling and cruising

Glass Flex

FCS hex screw attachment


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