Geo - Paddle

Geo - Paddle


Hatha Geo Paddle

3 piece 50% carbon

2 Year Warranty

It has a 50% carbon shaft with a 100% carbon handle. The blade is composite with a digitally inlaid graphic and ABS edge.

The ergonomically designed pure carbon handle fits perfectly into your hand to maximise comfort and grip. All joins have both stainless steel buttons and double locking levers neutralising any movement in the shaft. There is also a slot and groove system in the handle which prevents any movement or twisting.

The blade has an ABS edge which not only protects your paddle it also protects your board.

Adjustable range from 171 cm – 218 cm (the largest section is the centre piece which measures approx 88.5 cm) this paddle will fit nicely into any of our ISUP board bags.

Additional information


90 (580cm)



Blade Width

20.5 CM/ 8.07”

blade length

42 CM/ 16.5”


680 Grams


171-218 CM

Shaft Material

50% Carbon

Blade Angle

10 Degrees

Hard Facts

50% Full Carbon shaft

100% carbon handle

Double locking clamp at the top of the paddle

Single clamps with locking pin near the blade

ABS edging to protect the paddle and board

Anti-twist groove in the handle


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