US box fin 10" hand drawn fin by "Anna" x 3 colours to choose from!

US box fin 10" hand drawn fin by "Anna" x 3 colours to choose from!


9” US box Fin

Anna is a dear friend to us here at Hatha. She is a marine biologist who lives on the North Cornwall Coast and is passionate about the sea and marine conservation.

The designs were carefully hand drawn by her and then laser printed onto each side of the fins.

We are giving back 10% of every fin sold goes back into preserving our oceans. Anna has chosen the Manta Ray Trust, a charity close to her heart –

These fins can either be ridden or admired up on a wall

There are 3 colors to choose from, Clear, Green or Blue. Each comes with its own padded sheath and also fin and bolt.

About the Manta Ray Trust –

Our goal is a sustainable future for the oceans, where manta rays and their relatives thrive in healthy, diverse marine ecosystems.
Formed in 2011, the Manta Trust is a UK registered charity that co-ordinates global mobulid research and conservation efforts. Our team is comprised of a diverse group of researchers, scientists, conservationists, educators and media experts; working together to share and promote knowledge and expertise. Our mission is to conserve mobulid rays, their relatives, and their habitats, through a combination of research, education and collaboration.

Additional information


166 mm


254 mm


34.2 degrees








clear, blue, green

Hard Facts

Affordable SUP fin design for touring and flat water cruising.

Hatchet style outline with parallel leading and trailing edges

Square tip providing great water resistance and acceleration.

Glass Flex

FCS hex screw attachment


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